APCO’s Success Stories

HydraFlo mobile and portable units havereceived recognition for their contribution, service and longevity where they were used in many emergency situations in multiple locations through out Egypt.

APCO supplied 3 hydraflo units to provide pumping needs required until burnt exisiting floating pumping station is repaired in 1999 (wady Rayan El-Fayoum).

Hydrflo used for lifting flood water, rescuing land and infrastructure from drowning in the city of Hurghada in November 1996, kom el Qanater in Dec 2015, el kanawia canal, Keel abuhummus station in June 2016.

Mobile Hydraflo units saved some Stationary pump stations from flooding. MWI`s Mobile diesel driven Hydraflo was used to transfer water until the station is rehabilitated and is functioning properly again. (West Borollos-Kafr el sheikh) (Alexandria 1995)

The Mobile Hydraflo was used toraise the water level at the ends of canals meet the agricultural land needs of irrigation water during high demand season (El- Nur- canal, Kafr El-Sheikh).

Mobile Hydraflo was used toreduce Drainage water level, saving agricultural land, villages and the embankment of fish farms from drowning (PortSaid).

Mobile Hydraflo units were used tomaintain water level at the lake (Siwa Oasis) preventing bank damage due to overflooding; When the drainage water level rises, the hydraflo units were used to reduce the water level in order to preserve the banks.

The Hydraflo was used in dewatering work in construction sites in (El Salam Canal) irrigation and drainage stations in North Sinai development project.

APCO solved Ring Road Construction obstacle at Mariouteya area during the construction of ring road in 2008, TheArab Contractor & Hassan Allam used the mobile hydraflo unit to build a bypass system in a very narrow area for the ring road to pass over El Mariouteya Drain.

APCO Supplied the Mobile Hydraflo unit to GIZ for a project to raise the water level at the ends of canals to meet the needs of irrigation in ElBehira Governorate. The GIZ Project objective was Building pumping station for irrigation during high demand season in ElBehira Governorate. Afterwards, this mobile pumping unit had been used many times during the winter season to rescue the flooded land due to heavy rain in nearby area as happened in Dec. 2015 in Kom El-Kanater, El-Kanawia Canal, Mahatet Keel Abo Homos in June, 2016 to overcome a sudden breakdown of stationary pump station.

APCO used Line Shaft units as a quick solution to deliver urgent pump stations needs in several applications. 

APCO offered solutions to East delta agriculture drainage project to deliver the project’s requirements on a budget and tight delivery period, supplying portable lineshaft units. This project’s objective was to improve the agriculture productivity by improving the drainage system in north east area of delta near the Sues canal.  These units were also used in south port said.

Mobile Line Shaft units were used by MED to save South Hosseinieh and South Port Said stations from drowning.

APCO Supplied 2 Mobile lineshaft units  along with a hydraflo 48’’ to lift heavy rainfall in alexandria (El- Tabiah)

Mobile Lineshaft units were used to transfer water until stationary stations is rehabilitated and is functioning properly again (El Thawra 2-EL Beheira) (Kalabsho-Kafr el Sheikh) (El Farma-North Sinai).

APCO offers the Duraflo to overcome challenges of Sewage by pass system Projects in Egypt.

APCO offered the MWI patent hydraulic driven duraflo pumps as a solution to over come any emergency cases such as heavy rain-fall, by pass system, land failure or broken sewage pipe. The Cairo Sewage company had been using it in different places  with a remarkable success for bypass system without blocking of narrow street.

APCO offered the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to EISCO Industrial Boiler Circulation Pumps Project.

The Egyptian Iron & Steel company (EISCO) had been renovating its production plant and needed to replace Boiler Recirculation Water Pumps, with a working temperature of water that reaches as high as 250º C, and in a very confined place where 22 pumps are placed. APCO supplied (7) new pumps currently in operation at EISCO facility. Powen pumps previously supplied have been in operation since 1993.