Group Powen Offers industrial pumps made to individual orders of the end users. In addition to general application pumps intended for water of moderate temperature, which can be used in any industry, our portfolio includes pumps tailored to meet specific industry requirements.

Pumps for power and heat engineering industries are designed to pump hot utilities which meet specific requirements in terms of parameters e.g.: high pressure for supply pumps, excellent suction properties for condensate pumps or high capacities for cooling water pumps. They offer high reliability and operating efficiency.

Pumps for mining industry feature reinforced design to stand the hard working conditions in underground and surface mining and, in particular, they show the ability to operate with chemically and mechanically contaminated utilities. The design fulfills the requirement of Atex directive applicable for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Pumps for chemical and petrochemical industries are designed to operate at high temperature and pressure present in process systems. The pump tightness is ensured by special sealing systems made of materials resistant to substances used in chemical and petrochemical industries. The portfolio includes pumps conforming to API 610 standard commonly used in petrochemical industry.

Pumps for water and sewage – From water intakes to water treatment plants and second stage pumping stations, these pumps provide water for millions of people. At the same time, they operate in transport systems and waste water treatment plants to enable water to be recycled into the environment without harm.

Pumps for Industrial applications – General purpose and robust design of the pumps make them suitable for different industries and our designing capabilities allow adaptation of solutions to specific requirements.; such as metallurgy, sugar industry, brewing industry, cement plants, papermaking industry and tens of other industries, specific requirement, thousands of combinations of parameters.