Purpose & Principles

“Egypt was the gift of the Nile” and so it is. Egypt has a single river and one that has given its people life and civilization, thus water is synonymous with national security. The River Nile is the backbone of Egypt’s industrial and agricultural sector and is the primary source of drinking water for the population.Egypt currently relies on the Nile for 97% of its water needs, and global news is that the river is under threat. There’s been a rapid depletion of water resources at a time when the demand for water is increasing.Egypt’s population is increasing at an alarming rate multiplying the stress on Egypt’s water supply due to more water requirements for domestic consumption and increased use of irrigation water to meet higher food demands. With so many people relying on the Nile for drinking, agricultural, and municipal use, the quality of that water should be of pivotal importance. The reality is that quality of the river water is seriously threatened by untreated industrial and agricultural wastes, sewage, and municipal waste-water

Egypt has been suffering from severe water scarcity in recent years. Egypt has a water deficit over 30 billion cubic meters. Currently, this deficit is compensated by drainage reuse which consequently deteriorates the water quality. Uneven water distribution, misuse of water resources and inefficient irrigation techniques, growing population, rapid economic development, aging infrastructure, growing demand, pollution and environmental degradation, and increasingly complex regulationsare some of the major factors affecting water security in the country. With its loosening grip on the Nile, water scarcity could endanger the country’s stability and regional dominance. This puts increasing pressure on the country’s government, its organizations, companies, and people since Egypt’s future industrial, agricultural, domestic and municipal sectors is heavily contingent on the availability of water. It is imperative to act swiftly and decisively to mitigate water scarcity, implement water conservation techniques, control water pollution develop plans that would install more efficient irrigation techniques to augment its natural water reserves.

Egypt has the longest history of water management and engineering in the world and now needs to use its centuries of knowledge to meet the challenge of water scarcity. The gift that the Nile River, with all its challenges and complexities, has given to the people of Egypt, is the opportunity to be pioneers. Pioneers of innovation – to meet the increasing demand for water.

Today’s water management challenges require innovative solutions and as your partner we provide comprehensive solutions for wastewater treatment. M&W is dedicated to use its long history of engineering & water management expertise to expand wastewater treatment projects to mitigate water scarcity challenges and augment natural water reserves. We bring together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to to find innovative techniques to solve the water challenges, conserve natural resources and protect our environment.

With a relentless focus on innovation, commitment to preserve & protect our natural resources & environment, we aim to achieve a distinguished record of industry-leading innovations with a focus on emerging markets, environmental stewardship and community involvement. We contribute directly to customers in public and private sectors, allowing them to pursue development while protecting & improving the world’s most fundamental natural resource. We design & deploy specialized solutions to provide, protect & replenish resources while increasing their efficiency from an environmental, economic & social standpoint. It is our goal to enable our customers to meet increasing water demands and population needs, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance their environmental stewardship, comply with regulatory requirements. and promote the transition toward a circular economy.



Water is the life source of every community, and we can help preserve this resource by providing safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment systems and services. We believe our mission is to deliver provide reliable and professional service to our valuable clients, and to being supportive to local businesses and social activities, friendly to the environment as well as being proactive in the socio-economic environments within which we operate. We believe our Customers are the foundation of our success. We aim to create, grow and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and offer a unique after sales service. We add value as a trusted partner & We work to anticipate their needs with our broad product offerings and our applications expertise.

Our shareholders expect us to create value. We strive to reward their confidence in us. We are experts in our chosen fields and we stand behind everything we do. We make tough choices so that our customers do not have to. We bring together qualified experienced engineers, skilled trained  technicians, competent management and responsive administration. We promise you competent advice, ideal quality and excellent reliability. We cover a wide spectrum of activities that enhance development and growth within the governmental, public and private sectors in Egypt. We target growth industries and provide them high-value, specialty solutions. We enable success for key industries that are central contributors to our modern way of life. We are able to create enduring impact through our customers’ success, premier performance, engaged employees, proud partners, enhanced communities, and having them trust in us.

 How we Operate

We are guided by and remain true to our core values of Professionalism, Integrity,Respect, Responsibility, & Partnership.


We believe that our deliverables are what reflect our values.  Riding on our close-knit network of related entities, we strive to ensure that we provide solutions with a focus on delivering beyond our customers’ expectations; anticipating what they need before they ask for it. We provide highly engineered and highly customized solutions for each unique customer situation. We provide durable, lasting and the most advanced solutions that our customers can rely on.


We sees ourselves in partnership with our customers. We try to treat our customers the way we ourselves want to be treated. We want you to buy the right Product that best fits your needs, not the most expensive one. We want you to spend what you can afford, not what would maximize our profits; and above all we want you to feel confident that if you have a problem with what you have bought, we will do everything we can to solve that problem. We strive for you to have complete confidence in our integrity and professionalism.

Internally, we have gone to great measures to create an open and transparent environment and our employees are empowered to make suggestions and raise concerns. Our leaders know that inclusion and active listening are the right way to inspire people and achieve goals. We are committed to fostering open communication and cooperative relationships based on trust across the business. A performance-oriented yet friendly culture that offers space for individual development, thinking beyond boundaries, for anticipating tomorrow’s challenges, and for unlocking growth potential.


We recognise good performance and give feedback. We appreciate and reward our highest performing employees. We identify your talents and help you develop them through continuous training to ensure a high level of qualification of all employees and role model function of management. We believe everyone has passion, potential, and the power to influence. Everyone must feel respected and valued. APCO strives to create an environment of respectfor each other, for diversity of people and opinions.We value individual contributions & talent & strive to provide a culture wherein we all have the opportunity to develop every aspect of our potential.


Environmental Responsibility

We believe that environmental responsibility is part of our stewardship. We place great value on optimal energy efficiency for all products and technologies. In addition, our work processes and working environment are designed to require as little energy and as few raw materials as possible. We are committed to improving the way we work and what we make to lessen our impact on the environment. All of our manufacturers we represent make pump monitoring and control systems that lower energy usage,
and use materials that comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. We strive to do better each day in all dimensions of environmental sustainability.

Corporate responsibility

M&W stands for active commitment to corporate social responsibility. In all our business activities, we are guided by the principles of sustainability and fairness in the way we deal with people and the environment. We are responsible for our words and actions, for customer satisfaction, for giving back to our communities. We aim to help resolve social problems. Our activities in this field range from supporting charitable organizations to environmental protection. Learn more


We believe that building long-term relationships with our clients and other stakeholders of the whole supply chain are of utmost importance, regardless of the size or duration of any project. We are constantly looking forward to enhance and strengthen our relationships with our clients. We create value through close relations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We collaborate to win together.  We are a global company building on local entrepreneurship. We draw our strength from the diversity; we believe that diversity drives innovation and growth.

Corporate Governance

We are committed to the principles of good corporate governance; ensuring a sound balance of power and support the company in creating sustainable value for its various stakeholders. The rigorous application of sound corporate governance helps to consolidate and strengthen trust in the company. Great and responsible corporate governance contributes to our long-term success. The Board of Management work towards ensuring compliance within the guidelines of the nationally and internationally recognized standards.

Our purpose, vision and values provide the foundation for how we want to grow as a company as well as the inspiration for how we want to behave as industry leaders and ethical corporate citizens. They are our Set of core strengths that will keep us advancing smartly into the future. They guide everything we do and reinforce our unwavering commitment to preserve & protect our natural resources & environment. We believe our strong Values will continue to drive our business forward and is always at the heart of our strategy. We are able to create enduring impact through our customers’ success, premier performance, engaged employees, proud partners, enhances communities and having them trust in us.