Turnkey Tender Projects

APCO’s turn-key project offer includes assessment of system condition, tendering, development of design and execution of work in all areas, planning, procurement, installation of new, complete pumping systems, supervising start-up and test operation, commissioning and final handing over to client; in addition to maintenance during the guarantee period.

Each of the turn-key projects conducted by us is tailored to individual customer’s requirements, providing solutions to optimize system operation in terms of cost-efficiency and effective operation. A turn-key project conducted in a proper and well thought out manner will ensure significant and measurable reduction of power consumption. We respond to the demand for comprehensive management of investment projects with particular attention to solutions which provide savings in operation.

Technical Consultancy

Whether Customers’ needs are in planning guidance, specially designed components, or help with commissioning, our qualified staff provide you with comprehensive and competent consultancy. we provide enduring solution that ensure the best in reliability and efficient operation. We make tough choices so that our customers do not have to. We promise you competent advice, ideal quality and excellent reliability.

Supply, Operation & Maintenance of pumps, electromechanical components and Spare parts

Through our broad offering of tough, premium products, we can deliver extensive application know-how and customized solutions that ensure enhanced pump-station performance and functionality; along with easy and efficient operation for customers. Our services offering ranging from expert planning to implementation. Our experienced  highly qualified specialists ensure  proper installation and commissioning of pumps and valves, regular inspection and servicing of all required system components, one-stop maintenance inspection management – from planning to follow-up. APCO provides Spare parts services with short delivery times, also for products by other manufacturers. Our comprehensive service offering includes bespoke solutions for all customer applications, and ensures that pumps and systems are running efficiently.

A workshop at the manufacturing facility is fully equipped with all the necessary machinery, equipment and tools to manufacture some parts of the pump unit and assembling the unit. As a shareholder in MWI Egypt, APCO provides its services through MWI-Egypt manufacturing plant & Service center.

Repairs & Rehabilitation

When your equipment goes down, everyone on the jobsite is affected. Deadlines are placed in jeopardy, and your reputation is on the line. APCO understands. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency service on all of our pump systems. We have a complete in-house repair facility, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be fixed correctly. Backup pumps are always available. We realize that your time is a valuable asset, and that downtime can be costly. Your needs are important to us, and that’s why we’re committed to giving you the best quality service.

MWI Egypt offers a 24-hour service to its customers in case of any break down or need for instant repair. In the event of unscheduled downtime of pumps and motors, we provide prompt assistance on the site. A workshop at MWI Egypt is available just for repairs and rehabilitation of units.  The workshop is equipped with all the necessary equipment required to under take big and small repairs to the pumps. A testing station is available at the service center; this is used for testing the pumps at any phase during the repairs. A basin for testing is also available to enable checking the parameters of all pumps after repair.

In some very technical cases we communicate with the manufacturer to help work with us and help us reach the root of the problem, another reason for this is to help the product research and development department learn more details about problems regarding design, material, misuse, etc.…

With our repairs department, we respect time and acknowledge that time is money and also time in an industry like ours is crucial, due to the fact that many peoples income relies mainly on water, which makes our job even more challenging, but we are lucky to have the needed manpower and skills that help us do this job efficiently and professionally.

Rentals & Financial leasing for Pumps services

Rentals or Operating Lease services are offered by Apco. Operating lease is not a means of financing equipment purchase – only short-term use of equipment: e.g., Pump rentals. Maintenance and obsolesces risk lie with the leasing company as against the lessee in financial leasing.

APCO offers financial leasing services, a contractual arrangement that allows one party (the lessee) to use and operate the pump unit by the leasing company (the lessor) in exchange for specific periodic payments. This will come at great benefits for the lessee; providing improved financial management. At Apco, we know that pumping equipment can be a significant investment. Time to buy does not always go hand in hand with your needs. Our leasing program can allow you to acquire the pumps you need when you need them – without forsaking your total budget at one time.

Why leasing? Our Leasing Program Offers several Technical and Financial Benefits:

Leasing avoids a substantial outflow of cash that would be required in an outright purchase. As a consequence, the company spreads the cash outflows into relatively small ones over the years of the asset’s life. Leasing allows smaller initial investment required, saving capital costs (better for the liquidity of the lessee) with payments made over a long period of time – e.g. quarterly, six monthly, yearly, according the Lessee needs. It saves the full value being paid in case of needing opening a letter of credit with whole value. The Lessee has the option of purchasing the pump station at the end of the contract, at a price agreed upon in the contract.
Leasing allows for higher tax benefits than the alternative of borrowing and purchasing an asset. Payments made by lease program participants are considered operating expenses and not capital expenditures, so they can be written off immediately. This often accelerates tax deductions when compared to depreciating assets over five to seven years. Governments allow lessees to deduct full lease payments from their income before tax.
The lessee can Lease approximately four or five pump stations at once rather than buying only one pump station. This has a great advantage when the pumps need to be operating for different projects and locations simultaneously.
The lessee will benefit from having maintenance and service done by MWI-Egypt during the contract period since the asset’s maintenance costs are covered by the lease agreement, saving the lessee company further cash outflow. Apco is responsible for periodic maintenance to ensure the continuity of the equipment operation without interruption. It also includes specific technical staff training for lessee, to be acquainted with best and appropriate operation of the equipment to ensure the best performance of its service. The lessor responsibilities of the maintenance ensure the lessee will have the equipment in good condition at the end of the contract period, which is an additional asset to the lessee. MWI Egypt will always have any spare parts required for the pump station.
Leasing allows the lessee to take advantage of ‘new and improved’ or upgraded assets, and thus avoid the risk of costly obsolescence. it ensures the availability of required equipment, according to the up-to-date technological systems and modern production systems of high-tech equipment. The company can replace the leased asset with an up-to-date model without having to record a loss/gain on sale of the old model.
Leasing protects against inflation risk system (High prices as a result of the different exchange currency). The Leasing payments are fixed during the contract period, regardless inflation rate, especially for consumed spare parts that are purchased during the years.
Leasing includes comprehensive insurance against all risks to the equipment throughout the lease period, so that the lessee guarantees a similar equipment in case theft, fire or accidents at no extra costs.
The ease of finish leasing system procedures compared to other systems. It has low transaction and documentation costs. Fewer requirements about balance sheets. No outside security/collateral needed.
MWI Egypt is responsible for all maintenance for the pump stations during the contract (MWI offers 24-hour assistance to support any breakdown). MWI Egypt will always have any spare parts required for the pump station (which saves the Leaser of going through the process of importing any spare parts, which saves time and cuts costs.

In order to go through with the Leasing Agreement, the parties must agree on the following:

  • Leasing amount of the pumping station.
  • Method of payment.
  • Time installments must be paid.
  • Price of the unit if the Lessee decides to purchase the unit at the end of the contract.
  • Signing the contract.
  • Supply of the units according to the beginning date of the contract.