Our Valuable Team Members

Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud El-Shomouty

Chairman & CEO

Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud El-Shomouty is currently the Chairman of board and CEO of APCO International. Eng. Mohamed is a veteran in the field of irrigation & drainage water projects, having extensive professional experience spanning 50 years in the field. He has studied Engineering, receiving B.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering – Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, in 1966. He then Completed Numerous Post graduate certified studies and training courses in related fields including: Numerical Analysis, Linear Programming, P.E.R.T., System Analysis, Simulation, Scientific Application for Mechanical Maintenance Methods, Optimization Design for Mechanical Component, Operation Research, Quality Control and Industrial Statistics. Eng. Mohamed is a certified lecturer in ‘Scientific Mechanical Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Pump Stations’, from the society of Mechanical Engineers, March 1972. Eng. Mohamed Prime Fields of Experience includes all aspects of work for integrated projects from initial Technical and Feasibility Studies, through Project Management and Project Engineering, Design, preparing the detailed technical specifications and Tender Documents and international bid evaluation from technical and economic point of view, contracting, planning, controlling, inspection, construction and installation services up to the start up of production, testing, commissioning and maintenance during guarantee period in the following fields: – Irrigation and drainage Pump Stations, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Agro-Industrial projects and Energy Generation Projects. During the service with Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources (Ministry of Irrigation) 1967 – 1976.

Eng. Mohamed served as a Project engineering and management; including design, preparation of detailed technical specifications and tender documents, inspection, supervision of construction, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of projects. He also served as Consulting Engineer – Vice President of “FODA Consulting Group” 1987 – 1991.Eng. Mohamed then established Newtrend, Managing it from 1977-1992 and then serving as an Engineering Manager of M&W- Sodeco International 1992 – 1995 and later as the General Manager of 1995 – 1997; and finally the Manager of MWI Representative office in Egypt 1998 – 2006.

Eng. Mohamed El Shomouty is Currently the Chairman and Managing director of MWI EGYPT for Manufacture and Maintenance (January, 2002 – To date), Managing Director of APCO International (December, 1997 – To date), and General Manager of MWI CORP. for Middle East and North Africa (August, 1992 – To date).

Eng. Mahy Mohamed El Shomouty

Vice Chairman

Following her dad’s foot steps, Eng. Mahy has studied Engineering at the American University in Cairo, graduating in 2009 with Honors, and immediately joining Apco International. She realized the need to study her MBA in order to complement the technical experience she has earned through her job, Eng. Mahy received her MBA from HERIOT-WATT UNIVERSITY, EDINBURGH BUSINESS SCHOOL in 2013. Eng. Mahy have 7 years of experience in the field of hydraulics, engineering and Project management, managing different projects through out her years at APCO. She has attended the 82nd Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC 09), Orlando, FL, USA; and interacted with world class companies in the water field, which are currently represented by Apco International. Eng. Mahy currently Works alongside the chairman and managing director, managing his office alongside and having a lot of the work delegated down, serving as APCO’s Vice Chairman.

Eng. Wagih A. Mokhtar

General Manager

Eng. Wagih Aly has graduated with B.Sc. Irrigation Infrastructure, Civil Department in 1987, from Faculty of engineering, Cairo University. Eng. Wagih Aly had later earned his M.Sc. in Advanced hydraulic and hydraulic Transient theory 1994, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Since starting his professional career, he had participated in planning and implementing of different projects, participating with different governmental department, donor organization, project consultants, inspection offices, contractors, and equipment suppliers, which helped him gain vast experiences in Projects management and coordination between different parties to assure efficient implementation of project. From 1988 to 1996, he managed to complete several Project feasibilities studies, design, monitoring implementation for different projects in Irrigation and Drainage, such as El-Salam project feasibility and design for reclamation of 400 thousands Fadden in North Sinai for Irrigation improvement project, USAID, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation MWRI, in addition to construction of new barrages and pumping station in Upper Egypt to Improve irrigation efficiency. He served as a Project Engineer in the Irrigation improvement in North West Region of Egypt project funded by UNDP and implement by Water Research center of MWRI from period 1996 to 1998. He Joined APCO as a Project manager since 1998, participating in many projects starting from, tender studies, preliminary design and contracting, and currently is the General Manager of the company.


Eng. Amr Faris

Project Manager

Eng. Amr Faris has joined APCO in 2000, as a sales engineer. Prior to joining Apco, Eng. Amr studied serveral courses in fluid mechanics and pump design from 1995-1997. During his time in Apco, he participated in the design and implemention of numerous projects. Serving as a Project Manager for 10 years, he is now our representative in some key institutions and companies in the water and Electo-mechanical field, namely Mechanical and electric department and EISCO (Egyptian Iron and Steel Co.)