APCO was established in 1997 by Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud El Shomouty and has a sister company MWI Egypt for Manufacture & Maintenance – a branch of MWI Corporation USA in Egypt. Since its foundation in 1997, APCO has successfully completed over 60 major projects in Egypt, covering a wide spectrum of applications that enhanced development and growth within the public and private sectors in Egypt. APCO has supplied over 250 pump units, some of which have been working for over a decade.

APCO is highly Engineered, having qualified engineering managers and staff that have a wide experience delivering projects for over 50 years. The team mainly constitutes mechanical and electrical engineers familiar with the customer needs and requirements due to their hands-on experience, not only in the Egyptian market, but the international market as well. We have built up expertise in providing reliable, energy efficient, and cost-effective pumping solutions to meet precise industry or application requirements. Our highly qualified, trained engineers and staff have wide exposure and experience gained through extensive work and studies, due to our time and history in the market. Most of our managers and staff have been dealing with the Egyptian market since the 1970s.

APCO provides its services through MWI-Egypt manufacturing plant & maintenance service center.  MWI Egypt is an Egyptian firm Specializing in the design and development of hydraulically driven high volume water pumps for a variety of applications, including emergency pumping, flood control, storm water drainage, agriculture, construction dewatering, by-pass pumping, for municipal, private and industrial water supply as well as sewage applications and wastewater treatment plants. MWI Corp. has entered an agreement to establish its official Middle-East representative office, service center and manufacturing plant with MWI Egypt, in 2002; based in Giza, Egypt lead by Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud ElShomouty as the Chairman and Managing Director. MWI Egypt has built a reputation of quality. Since 1977, the firm has executed technical assistance and project implementation. We enjoy the mutual trust and confidence of our clients as well as strong credibility and sound relations with several governmental entities in Egypt. Over the last ten years, MWI has supplied more than 200 mobile pump stations to Egypt and has successfully completed over 20 major projects through consistency, delivery on promises, openness and honesty across all our relationships. The satisfaction of our clients and the repeat business that we received from them reinforces our commitment to quality work. Our appreciation of our clients’ interests, evidenced by meeting their requirements and insuring high quality work, is the prime directive of our management. Learn more ►

MWI Corporation is an extension of a business started by the Eller family in Deerfield Beach in 1926. Originally founded as a company engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel equipment, MWI realised the need for a reliable manufacturer of pumping stations for irrigation, drainage and flood control applications. Today, and more than ever, MWI is at the forefront of pump technology. Its custom designed pump systems are in use in over 50 countries throughout the world;  helping the people of the world move water efficiently and reliably-with a spirit of friendliness and professionalism. Learn more ►