MWI Corp’s most extensively used Pumps, “The Hydraflo”, could be used as an alternative to axial/mixed flow pumps. The Hydraflo is patented submersible pump, that use the power of hydraulics to drive the impeller via flexible hoses. This replaces a fixed motor, a long, rigid shaft and the supporting structure common to most pumps that can move very large quantities of water. It’s unique design eliminates any civil construction or installation work at site. Our units are designed to start pumping in few minutes from arrival to site needing no more than one labor to operate it, which make the units are very cost saving due to eliminate the costs of civil construction & installation works. The units could be mobile, portable or skid mounted depending on the site needs. The Hydraflo does not need priming and provide a variable speed control option. The unit can be installed Vertically, Horizontally or at any angle by simply changing the intake bell. It is the most suitable choice for irrigation, emergency cases or temporarily or seasonal pumping, bypass systems and many other applications where a huge amount of water needed to be lift in a very short time. The discharge of our mobile or electric driven units can reach 7200m3/hr and the total head can reach up to 18m.