MWI Corporation

MWI Corporation is an extension of a business started by the Eller family in Deerfield Beach in 1926. Originally founded as a company engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel equipment, MWI realized the need for a reliable manufacturer of pumping stations for irrigation, drainage and flood control applications. Today, and more than ever, MWI is at [...]


Mody Pump

The Mody Pumps® heritage began in 1957 as the first local manufacturer of 4” and 6” submersible turbine pumps in India. The product range then grew to include a full line of submersible dewatering, sludge, and water pumps. In 1996, Mody Pumps® began its global journey in earnest from assembly and sales facilities in Bakersfield, California. Since [...]


Grupa Powen

Group Powen-Wafapomp SA, an expert in the field of pump technology, offering comprehensive solutions, turnkey projects, pump systems, and devices Tailored to individual needs created based on product catalog containing 60 types of pumps. Group Powen is the largest manufacturer of industrial pumps in Poland, relying on over 100 years of experience, which is constantly expanding more [...]



EMIT S.A. is one of the main producers in Poland of three-phase electric motors and generators for high and low voltage, middle and big output. The company has more than 80 years of experience in designing, production, ad exploitation of electric machines. They are the main supplier of drives for companies of fuel, power, chemical, paper, marine, [...]



Zetkama is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial valves in Central and Eastern Europe with own cast iron foundry. The company is offering over 2000 of different types of valves, such us stop valves, check valves, bellow valves, butterfly valves, strainers, ball valves and other. The products are sold to more than 50 countries around the world.