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The minister of water resources and irrigation has instructed Zagazig Emergency Center to use a mobile hydraflo unit (1m3/s discharge) to reduce water levels due to blockage in the side siphon of the Alqasbi drain to save crops in the area.

In accordance with the instructions of The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation to take immediate action to save the crops in Manshiya Al-Jadida area in Al-Kassabi and under the guidance of the Head of Mechanical & Electrical Department, the Deputy and the Head of Stations Sector, the Zagazig Emergency Center in cooperation with the [...]

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APCO offered its soultions to GIZ for a project to raise the water level at the ends of canals to meet the needs of irrigation in El-Behira Governorate with almost quarter the budget of the original planned pump station cost with a shorter implementation time requiring much less Human resources; saving a lot of money, time and effort.

GIZ and Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation agreed to build a pumping station to increase the water supply during the high demand season (May to September) with a total budget of 5 Million Egyptian Pounds; with a 12 months implementation period to improve agriculture productivity during this high- demand season. APCO have studied the [...]

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APCO will be exhibiting at The Arab water Council Fifth conference from Dec 9-11 2014, under the patronage of H.E Prince Sultan Ben AbdulAziz & The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. Holiday Inn Hotel, Cairo.

Join thousands of your peers at one of the world’s largest water quality events in the region. During the exhibition, consulting engineers, representatives, distributors and end users can schedule a one-on-one appointment with APCO staff for technical support or project meetings.

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APCO’s Project design for Fish farm pumping stations (Ghalion) has tremendously reduced the project initial budgets and implementation time.

In 2015, an inquiry was sent to APCO to submit its offer for a turnkey project of three pumping stations for fish farm project in north middle delta (Ghalion). The preliminary project design was made by their project consultant, with a cooperation of a pump manufacturer. APCO had offered a more practical solution, submitting a [...]

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Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, declared in a press release in ELyoum 7 that the “Bilbes Drain” has been clogged (k 60,00) inside the village Kulj; and a Hydraflo Unit of capacity of 0.5 m3/s was used to resolve the problem.

The problem was a result of a slurry of the expulsion of the drinking water plant east of Cairo, pointing to the improper behaviors of some inhabitants; throwing their garbage and debris in the Drain which led to blocking it and rising water level. a Hydraflo Unit of capacity of 0.5 m3/s was used to [...]

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